You would like to own a quality Jinashi? Each jinashi is crafted from carefully selected for their acoustic properties and properly cured bamboo poles, with care and patience. tuned to play honkyoku , but also blues, jazz, oriental, baroque, whatever you want since it is a keyless microtonal instrument, only limited by your skills.

Jinashi shakuhachi comes in various grades, as beginner’s flute, mediation flute, student, advanced student, teacher etc… Each flute I craft out of bamboo has its own character, color, texture and sweet spots. I love them all…

Here is the list of shakuhachi lengths according to their seed notes. When it comes to jinashi, length can vary due to nodes and thickness of bamboo. Standard length measurement used is Japanese feet called shaku which is equal to 30.3 cm.

  • 1.3 shaku = G
  • 1.4 shaku= F#
  • 1.5 shaku= F
  • 1.6 shaku= E
  • 1.7 shaku= Eb
  • 1.8 shaku= D
  • 1.9 shaku= C#
  • 2.0 shaku= C
  • 2.1 shaku= B
  • 2.3 shaku= Bb
  • 2.4 shaku= A
  • 2.6 shaku= G#
  • 2.8 shaku= G and so on…list goes up to 3.6 shaku.

When ordering a jinashi bigger than ~2 shaku (~60 cm), please precise which hand you use on top to cover the thumb hole, since thumb hole is opened accordingly for iergonomic reasons. Offset finger holes, non allergic lacquer, bindings and inlaid utaguchi ( kinko ryu or tozan style) are optional. Flutes crafted using thick bamboo with larger walls, having higher aspect ratio gives dark and deep tones. Sound of each flute can be listened on demand.

See below available jinashi